Apparently gargling with salt water really does help fight colds

So this obviously not a recipe-related post, but if your winter has gone anything like mine, chances are you might find it useful!

I have been sick way too often this winter, and I’ve been looking for every possible way to fight back against this trend.

I’d always heard the advice about gargling with salt water to kill germs, but does it really work?

Well, yes, according to this Gawker article which cites the Mayo Clinic:

“A randomized study of 400 people during cold and flu season… found that salt water gargling three times a day, with or without a cold actually being felt, reduced respiratory infections up to 40 percent.”

Wow.  40%?!?  That boggles the mind.

Basically, gargling draws excess fluid out of inflamed tissues, and helps to loosen thick mucus, which can have germs trapped within it.  And once it’s looser, the easier it is for the body to expel it.  (Sorry, I know that’s gross!).

I feel like I should resolve to now gargle salt water 3x a day for the rest of the winter.  I’m not sure I’ll actually live up to this, but at the rate things have been going, it couldn’t hurt.



Great advice on starting a food blog (and IBS!).

I recently discovered this really helpful post from Colleen Francioli of FODMap Life (

I really admire her site, because she talks about all the IBS-related topics I have yet to have the courage to write about in detail on my own blog!

She makes the point that although there are tens of thousands of food blogs in existence, we are all arriving at our favorite foods and recipes (not to mention what works for our bodies) from a different perspective.  So instead of thinking about how your own food blog is going to “compete” with all the successful blogs that are already out there, why not think about what makes your approach different?  The opportunity is there to create a niche.

Colleen writes,

“…your story is probably much different from the other bloggers.  Your thoughts, tastes, favorite dishes and style of photography is different.  You’ve traveled different places.  You were raised and influenced differently. All of your experiences will shape what you can ultimately share on your food blog.  That is what makes you unique.”

I really found this post, as well as her site in general, to be very encouraging.

I hope at some point to finally get up the nerve to write about my own experience with um… dietary sensitivities…  but until then, I definitely recommend checking out Colleen’s site!