Hello!  I’m Christy.  You may know me from my main site, Sunlight in Winter, where I talk about my life and journey with chronic pain.

One of the things I don’t talk about as much on that site is food.  However, like many people who suffer from symptoms of chronic pain and fibromyalgia, I also have a pretty sensitive digestive system.  It’s been quite a process learning which foods and strategies work best for me, in order to give my body the fuel it needs.

I also grew up in a family where several people have struggled with Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.  Between my own experience and my family members’, I have a lot of empathy for people dealing with digestive issues.

Another big part of my story is that I had an eating disorder when I was in high school.  For years, I counted every calorie, exercised like crazy, and kept my weight well below what was healthy for me.

I’ve come a long way since then, and now I pay a lot of attention to nutrition advice (based on real, sound science, not fads).  I want to do what is best for my body, and I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve learned.

I’ll also be including a lot of recipes, because I love food blogs that give me the inspiration to cook and embrace new things.

I hope what you find here is helpful!


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