Overcoming My Eating Disorder

“I Inherited My Anorexic Mom’s Obsession With Food” (Taylored Training and Fitness)


Somehow, while I was doing research for my SI joint site, I stumbled across this really great article from Coach Whitney at Taylored Training and Fitness.  It’s about how we can inherit negative patterns, in terms the way we see food and the way we treat our bodies, from our parents.

I haven’t written very much about my own history with food and eating yet, so it’s probably a bit too soon to for me to leap to talking about my own family.

But I do want to say that, if there’s anything all the psychology classes I’ve taken as taught me, it’s that we do pick up way more from our parents than we consciously realize as children.  Coach Whitney writes:

Although my mom did try, I witnessed, learned and inherited her obsession with food. She lived in a world of black and white: food was either good or bad. It would either make you skinny or make you fat.

Every day was a new chance to lose weight. Since having a piece of cake or a cookie was “bad” food, low-fat options were a better choice; it was the ’80s and we owned every Snackwell’s product that was ever made! If it wasn’t low-fat, then exercising to “burn it off” was the strategy of preference for my mom, and then in turn for me.

Her story really resonated with me, because I grew up in a somewhat similar situation.  My mother was not anorexic, but we were all definitely still influenced by the calorie-counting and “low-fat” mentality of the 80’s and 90’s.

I so want to write more about my own story, but I don’t think I am ready to yet.  For now, I just wanted to share this article, and particularly the above quote, on my blog.

I definitely recommend checking out the rest of the article, as well as the other posts from Taylored Training and Fitness!


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