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Great tips on meal-planning from The Kitchn

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One of my ultimate food-goals is to become amazing at meal planning.

However, I still have a ways to go, so here are some really helpful tips from The Kitchn!  It’s a great site for all things cooking-related– I definitely recommend checking it out.

Some key points from this article that I found really useful:

“Plan just a few meals for the week.

Instead of cramming the week full of elaborate meals, focus on three to four dinners. Leave a night on the schedule for eating leftovers and plan at least one meal that you can cook without a recipe.

Shop for staples.

In addition to shopping for specific meals, make sure you have a few staples that you can turn into dinner without a recipe, like eggs for a quick omelet or a can of black beans and tortillas for crispy tacos.

Double one dinner.

Take one recipe and make it two times; eat one for dinner this week and freeze the other for your future self.”

There are more tips there if you want to check the article out!


By the way– I’m trying to post more often on my multiple blogs.  One of the reasons I post so infrequently is that I’m a perfectionist, so I don’t post until I’ve been working on something for way too long!

On this blog and my other sites (Sunlight in Winter and My Sacroiliac Joint Saga) I’m going to start experimenting with different formats of posts, including shorter posts to highlight an article or a concept that resonated with me.

I’m curious to see what kind of responses I get.  Hope you enjoy!




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