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Pan-Seared Gnocchi with Goat Cheese Medallions (Gobble)

This lovely dish l was the second meal I cooked through Gobble.  It featured fresh gnocchi pasta, pan-seared, along with a garnish of pesto, peas, radishes, and asparagus, all topped off with melting rounds of goat cheese.

Veggie prep

Although the pasta came fresh, it needed to be boiled for a few minutes:


before it was seared in olive oil.


Next, the gnocchi were set aside to cool, while the tougher vegetables had some time to cook in the pan (radishes/asparagus):


before the peas and pesto were added:


And then, at the end, creamy, cool goat cheese medallions were added on top:


All in all, it was a great and easy to prepare meal.  My only wish that the serving of goat cheese had been a little bit more generous.  Other than that, it tasted great and I learned a few useful techniques I can return to to make similar dishes in the future.  Thank you, Gobble!




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