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Steak Bibimbap (HelloFresh)


Of all the Blue Apron and HelloFresh recipes I’ve ever tried, this steak bibimbap recipe might just be my favorite.

According to HelloFresh, bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish.  The name literally means “mixed rice,” and rice and mixed vegetables generally form the base of the dish.  They suggest adding a fried egg on top.

The particular recipe they sent me involved marinating the steak in a mixture of ginger, onion, soy sauce, and sugar to thicken it.  Obviously I can’t give you the whole recipe here, so check out HelloFresh for the full details).

Basically, you saute the mushrooms, scallions, and zucchini in olive oil, before combining them with rice and the cooked (chopped) steak.


It was a really tasty dish, without too much effort, and with ingredients you might already have in your kitchen.


The only change I would suggest is that you use low-sodium soy sauce– I felt my dish was a little too salty in the end.  I’ll be making that switch next time, but I definitely plan to make this recipe again and again!

“Pickling” the scallion greens in white vinegar to make a garnish

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