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Proscuitto-Wrapped Chicken with Pesto


Romina cooked dinner for both of us last week, and came up with this recipe all on her own.

I’m so impressed by her ability to improvise when she’s cooking.  I always try to ask questions and figure out her thought process when I see her making something new.  My plan is to take full advantage of the fact that I live with such an amazing cook, in the hopes that some of her skills will rub off on me.  (Of course, I asked her permission before putting her recipes on this blog).

Romina made this dish with the homemade pesto I wrote about earlier this week.

First, she covered the chicken breasts in pesto, and then left them in the refrigerator overnight so they would soak up more flavor.


The next day, she wrapped them in proscuitto (I wasn’t here for this part, so unfortunately there’s no picture) and then baked them.  She put the wrapped chicken breasts in the same pan as her equally delicious vegetable side, which was carrots and Brussels sprouts with salt, cumin, and honey.

She put everything in the pan and then added a few chunks of butter, to eventually melt all over everything.  She then baked everything at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, keeping an eye on it periodically towards the end.

The finished result:


I cut one of the chicken pieces in half, so you could see how she wrapped them.


What an incredible recipe.  I will also be posting the recipe for her side dish, so stay tuned!


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