My Story

It’s working.


So, you may notice I seem to have abandoned this blog.

The thing is, while I put the blog on hold, I’ve still moved forward with my project of learning to become a better cook.

Some of it really was a process of trial and error, and a matter of just doing it.  Not really worth blogging about.

It was a process of burning things; overcooking some things, undercooking others.  Of having a brilliant idea for a creative combination, and having it turn out horribly.  Of having another great idea, and having it turn out mouthwatering.

I’m still working on becoming a better cook, but now I would say I am at least a decent cook.   One who mostly knows what she is talking about; who can cook something successfully if she has a plan.  (And, actually, it turns out a lot of it really is about planning).

I’ve been looking at this blog, making a few revisions here and there, and I can see how much the year I’ve spent learning to cook has changed my overall attitude.


A year ago, my “About Me” page was pretty negative.  As I re-read it, I remembered how, the day I wrote it, I was really down in the dumps about my digestive issues.  Those were going to be the focus of this blog.

But, a year later, I can see how my attitude is really different.  I had almost forgotten how hopeless I felt when I started this blog.

My food/digestion/blood sugar problems were a big morass– hard to sort out.  I never felt like eating, so I would wait until the last minute when I was exhausted from hunger, and eat a piece of toast.  Or a granola bar.  And then put that on repeat all day long.

I thought the problem was completely caused by my digestive problems, and that’s not entirely untrue.

But with focus, and research, and planning ahead, I’ve managed to make things better.  It turns out that I was caught in a vicious cycle, and, while I can’t wave a magic wand and make my body behave exactly the way I want, I actually can reduce the severity of the cycle by planning ahead and knowing what works for me.


Turns out that my digestive problems weren’t my only problem.  My other problem was that I had simply never really learned to cook.  By extension, this meant I had also never really had practice shopping and planning ahead.  (Obviously I knew how to shop for food, but it’s different when you are trying to cook the majority of your meals for yourself and aren’t a twenty-something living at home with an amazing cook for a father).

Anyway, the point is, I’m getting there.  My experiment has already helped me more than I even realized, while it was happening.  My old depressing “About Me” page was proof enough of that.


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