Overcoming My Eating Disorder

My Food and Cooking Goals


To have a robust selection of recipes at my fingertips that are easy to make, with ingredients that aren’t hard to find.

To prepare delicious meals that tempt me to eat even when my digestive system isn’t feeling great.

–To feel as though I have plenty of options, even though I can’t eat too much lactose or too much fiber

–To eat healthy, well-rounded meals.

–To be environmentally responsible. This means buying local, organic food, and supporting companies with sustainable practices.

–To be ethical in my choices. This means buying from cruelty-free companies as much as I can, whether it’s cage-free eggs or cheese from cows not treated with hormones.

–To get better at planning meals and preparing food ahead of time. I’m a terrible cook if I wait until I’m hungry before I start preparing my food. I want to get more of a system in place so that I prepare food before I’m hungry, and before I’ve run out of ingredients.

–To know that I’m getting the best deal possible—to find the best prices for the more expensive items. To buy in bulk when possible.

–And even maybe to grow some of my own food, now that the weather’s finally warming up.

Just bought these...
Just bought these…

I hope you will come along with me on this journey!

*Top Photo Credit: epSos.de**


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