Sauteed baby spinach with garlic and Parmesan


I’ve resolved to become a better cook many times over the past ten years.  Each time, I would make a big trip to Whole Foods to do some “research.”  This basically entailed me spending a bunch of money on delicious prepared foods from the Whole Foods kitchen, thinking I would learn how to make them.  And then not learning how to make them.

This simple sauteed spinach is one of the dishes I would always be sure to get on my research trips.  I’m totally kicking myself now, because it turned out to be incredibly easy.

Step 1: Brown 2 tbsp of olive oil and just a hint of fresh garlic in frying pan


Step 2: Saute 2 cups of fresh spinach.  This means you just throw it in and stir it to keep it from burning as it wilts.


Eventually it will look like this:


Yeah, it really cooks down.

Step 3 (optional): Add Parmesan cheese to taste. 



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