Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Veggies

Five Easy to Digest Vegetables


These are the vegetables that my favorite gastroenterologist, Dr. A, says are the easiest to digest. She recommended that I stick to eating these vegetables, and only these vegetables, as much as I can.

It sounds a little bit depressing at first, but honestly… there are infinite ways to prepare these five vegetables, whether it’s sauteeing and seasoning them on their own, or incorporating them into larger dishes.

Since I started following her advice, I’ve been feeling a lot better.  If anything, I’ve been eating more vegetables, since I can now focus my energy on eating the ones that won’t bother me.

The importance of cooking vegetables

Cooking fiber helps break it down, meaning your body and gut bacteria have a lot less work to do digesting it.  Dr. A was adamant about the fact that all of the vegetables on this list absolutely must be cooked.  She only half-jokingly made me promise, in her office, that I wouldn’t go home and be temped to eat them raw.

And now, the list:

#1 Cooked Spinach:

I was pretty relieved that spinach is on this list, since it’s such a basic.  Ever since I was a little girl watching old Pop-Eye cartoons at my grandparents’ house on VHS, I’ve known spinach is a good thing!

Here it is sauteed with garlic and parmesan cheese: (The Master Experimenter)


Incorporated into a pasta dish (Artizone):


Sauteed with onions (Ljv):


#2: Cooked Squash:

Stuffed with raisins and apples (Elanaspantry):


Baked with brown sugar and butter (Lobstar):67562262_6d5ee91948_o

#3: Cooked Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potato fries (Via Tsuji):


Sweet potato, pumpkin and spinach puffs (pumpkin has pretty much the same texture as squash and sweet potatoes, both on this list, so I’m not worried): (Penguincakes)


Gingery Sweet Potato Soup (The Bitten Word):


#4: Cooked Carrots:

Carrot fries (Elana’s Pantry):


Carrot Scallion Latkes (Elana’s Pantry):


#5: Cooked Green Beans

With penne, pesto, and potatoes (Rachel Hathaway):6113031911_00eb79d8c4_z

Roasted with Olive Oil and Salt over Rice (Mike Chaput):3705158805_5f506c12c1_z

I’m going to stop here because, just in searching for photographs to use in this post, I’ve already discovered a ton of new recipes to try!  I’ll probably be coming back to this post over the next few weeks and attempting some of these recipes.  I’ll let you know my results 🙂


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